Ley Top

Learning Together Produces Success


Mission statement

At Ley Top Primary we are committed to developing all our children’s writing skills. We are determined to provide all children with the national curriculum key skills that they need to learn to enable them to make progress. To enable children to develop their writing skills teachers select a wide range of rich texts which are used as a model for writing.


  • To create a learning environment where children’s writing skills are developed to their full potential.
  • To ensure that all children have a secure phonic knowledge that they can use and apply to improve their reading and their writing skills.
  • To encourage to have a love of writing.


Quality of Learning at Ley Top

 To enable children to develop their writing skills to their full potential we have redesigned our curriculum and children from years one to four are now taught separate writing lessons every day. Children in Years Five and Six are taught literacy lessons where they are taught national curriculum reading and writing skills. In these lessons children are taught specific national curriculum writing skills. Children develop their writing skills by following a three phase programme whereby children immerse themselves in a text, they learn the features of text type, the punctuation, grammar and sentence structure skills needed to write the specific text type. They then plan, draft, evaluate, edit, re-draft and publish their own text. Our lessons are differentiated to meet the needs all of all children. Children use a wide range of visual/audio resources to enable them to develop their writing skills. Teachers select a wide range of rich texts to use in our writing lessons to engage and inspire children. These texts provide the children with opportunities to widen their vocabulary and improve their writing skills.


At Ley Top we have whole school writing competitions each term. These competitions are created in conjunction with the pupil council to ensure that the competitions are based on the children’s interests.