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Road Safety


 A new school year is upon us, maybe even a new school for your little one . If you need to drive your child to school just a little reminder to check where you are stopping . It is a parent's responsibility to see their children safely to and from school  but in doing so they should not create danger to others.

  •  Do not stop on 'School Keep Clear Marking'
  • Do not obstruct 
  • Do not park on pavements 
  • Park well clear of the schools entrance

 The Police and the Council can issue fines for various offences outside schools including .............

  • Parking in double yellow lines 
  • Parking on a dropped kerb 
  • Causing obstruction of the footpath 
  • Contravening local traffic restrictions such as access only/one way/permit holders only
  • Parking on zig zags 

However we do not want to issue these, we just want parents and carers to be careful and considerate when dropping off and collecting their child. We just want our children to be safe. 


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