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Mission statement

At Ley Top Primary we are committed to providing children with a rich diet of literature from the moment they join Ley Top Primary School. We are determined to provide all children with the key skills that they need to learn to read through quality first teaching of phonics. We provide children with opportunities to read a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry across the curriculum. All our staff are committed to developing children’s love of reading.


  • To create a learning environment where children’s reading skills are developed to their full potential.
  • To ensure that all children have a secure phonic knowledge that they can use and apply to improve their reading and their writing skills.
  • To encourage a love and respect of books and literature.


Quality of Education at Ley Top

To enable children to develop their reading skills to their full potential we have redesigned our curriculum and children from years one to four are now taught separate reading lessons every day. Children in Years Five and Six are taught literacy lessons where they are taught national curriculum reading and writing skills. In these lessons children are taught specific national curriculum reading skills. Our lessons are differentiated to meet the needs all of all children. Teachers select a wide range of rich texts to use in our reading lessons. These texts provide the children with opportunities to widen their vocabulary and develop their love of reading.


To further develop children’s reading skills we have recently introduced a ‘Poem of the day’ children read a classic or a contemporary poem every day, they discuss the text with the class identifying poetic devices and explaining why they like/dislike the text.


At Ley Top we have a range of reading competitions to support the development of children’s reading skills during term time and during the holidays e.g. we have a weekly whole school reading competition, Summer Reading Challenge in conjunction with Bradford Libraries, National Poetry Day competition and World Book Day competitions.

Reading at home

As a school we ask that every child reads at home at least 3 times a week. This helps develop their reading skills. 

Below is a video sent to us by a Ley Top family who is promoting reading at their house.



Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Summer Reading Challenge 2019 (Space Chase) 

Whats is the Summer Reading Challenge?

The Summer reading challenge is organised by Bradford Libraries to enable children to reignite their love for reading. They have organised a wide range of activities at several libraries within our area e.g Create and paint galaxies, meet the author (Hilary Robinson),How to be an astronaut,Space chase arts and crafts.

When is the Summer Reading Challenge? 

It begins on Saturday 13th July to Saturday 14th September . 

What is this years theme?

This year's theme is Space Chasers to commemorate 50th anniversary of the Moon landing .

Why should children take part?

Lots of our children do not have the opportunity to read during the school holidays, as a result their standard of reading dips during the school holidays.To prevent children's reading from dipping Bradford Libraries run the Summer Reading Challenge to enable children to read books during the school holidays, reignite their love of  reading and take part in a wide range of fun activities e.g. using technology, arts,crafts,story time, meeting an author etc. 

 What are we doing different this year?

This year in addition to the prizes that children receive from the library we will have our own celebration assembly, where we will celebrate children's success. The names of the children who have completed the challenge will go into a prize draw and a winner will receive a prize. 

Staff Competition

To raise the profile of reading across the school and to create a reading culture across the school we will have a staff reading  competition .The names of staff who have completed the challenge will go into a prize draw. One winner will be drawn to win a prize



Winner - Emaan Khan

Runner up - Huzaifa Mahmood  


Winner - Miss. Whitaker 

Runner up - Mrs. Thomas

Parents thank you very much for your continued support, your help is invaluable in helping children to learn .