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Mission statement

At Ley Top Primary School, we understand the importance of providing children with the opportunity to read and explore high quality texts. We ensure that our children are exposed to and are accessing a variety of literature from the moment they start with us, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We are determined to provide all of our children with the skills they need to become successful readers, we begin this process with high quality teaching of phonics.


  • To create a positive learning environment.
  • To promote the importance and love of reading.
  • To develop our children’s technical knowledge and understanding of reading skills.
  • To encourage our children to ‘read like a writer’.

Quality of Education at Ley Top


Here at Ley Top Primary School we have a reading lesson every day. In these lessons, the children learn, practise and apply the relevant national curriculum reading skills for their year group. The teachers begin by choosing language rich, high quality texts to engage and interest their children. As the children work through the book, they focus on a variety of age appropriate reading skills in order to fully comprehend the meaning of the text and gain a depth of understanding. Our teachers ensure that lessons are appropriately differentiated to ensure that they are can be accessed and enjoyed by all learners. At Ley Top, we strive to ensure that reading is fun and interesting to continually develop our children’s love of reading.

In order to both support the development of our children’s reading skills and persistently promote the importance of the love of reading, we hold regular reading events across the year. We have recently introduced half termly book sales to ensure that our children have access to affordable, high quality texts; we take part in national events such as World Book Day and the Summer Reading Challenge and we hold our own additional reading competitions too.

Reading at home

To aid in the development of our children’s reading skills, as a school we ask that all of our children read at home at least three times every week.

This not only helps the child to become a successful reader, it also promotes the love of reading by the adults who are the most important to a child and shows how special it is to be able to share a book with a loved one. 

It has been proven that reading at home from an early age has many educational, psychological and social benefits. Visit https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/tips-and-advice/reading-tips/ for more information and support.

Below is a video sent to us by a Ley Top family who is promoting reading at their house.



Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 (Silly Squad) 


Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge 2020 officially launched on Friday 5th June and you can join NOW until September. Take a look at the digital Summer Reading Challenge 2020 www.sillysquad.org.uk and don’t forget to tell your friends too.

The Silly Squad team ready to help children discover and read for fun, happiness and laughter. Children can join the Silly Squad on a new adventure by setting their own personal reading challenge to complete this summer. The new online platform will help to keep track of your books, reviews and the rewards you unlock along the way.

There will be loads of brilliant book suggestions and tips on how you can keep reading even while schools and libraries are closed. There’ll be heaps of silly activities, quizzes, videos, games and more to keep you entertained at home.

Jacqueline Wilson, author and supporter of the Summer Reading Challenge says: "I feel the Summer Reading Challenge is extra important this year! How sensible to have a Silly theme. We've all had to deal with serious and scary issues, so it's time for a bit of fun. There are so many comical and crazy children's books to cheer us all up. Let's get reading and get happy!" 

And that’s not all … Bradford Libraries will be offering Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge packs to children when libraries re-open (gradually) in July. Check here for updates.

The good news is that the Summer Reading Challenge will this year continue until the end of September and children from 3 to 14 can join the fun.

Need some great children’s books to read?

During the current situation while our libraries our closed you can find lots of great reads from bestselling children’s authors available from our free E-book service

All you need is a library card.

If you need a library card you can join here:

Library Joining Form

Please direct any questions via christinea.donnelly@bradford.gov.uk Development Office for Children and Young People: Bradford Libraries