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welcome to year 2

Year 2 is a very important year for children, marking the end of their Key Stage 1 career. It a very exciting time on their learning journey.

 It is the year in which the children take the national SAT's tests, which benchmark the progress children have made throughout foundation stage and key stage 1. 

In year 2 we provide a broad, creative and collaborative curriculum. Everyone is challenged in our nurturing environment whilst striving for excellence and always being encouraged to be their ‘best’ self. 

Year 2 pride themselves on providing a stimulating and inviting learning environment. The classroom displays reflect the interesting topics which the children study, and are a valuable resource with which the children engage in order to learn, the displays are used to support learning. 

We provide opportunities for our children to apply and share the knowledge that they have learnt.


If you've got any questions please speak to Mrs Reavey or Miss Brannan Snee.


medium term plan




At Ley Top Primary School we produce 2 different Newsletters.

At the start of every half term, each year group produces a 'Reminders Newsletter'. In these newsletters, we will remind you of any events we are having and any other important notices.

At the end of every half term, each year group produces a 'Celebration of Learning Newsletter'. In these newsletters, we share our learning for the half term.

Reminders Newsletters:



Celebration of Learning Newsletters:

 Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Spring 2 Newsletter

Summer 1 Newsletter