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welcome to year 2


 In year 2, we thrive to create an interesting, exciting and engaging curriculum that the children can access independently. This year, our focus topic will be Australia. We will incorporate this with our Art and Design lessons. Much of our work across the curriculum will link to this topic.

Year 2 is yet another big step along the school ladder. All provision areas from year 1 will be removed from our year 2 classrooms. Each child will begin to demonstrate a much higher level of independence and responsibility for their own learning.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to see Mr Routledge or Miss Greenwood on their class doors at the end of each school day.

Thank You

 Fyffe and Miss Greenwood



medium term plan overview

autumn 1 mtp overview year 2.pptx









At Ley Top Primary School we produce 2 different Newsletters.

At the start of every half term, each year group produces a 'Reminders Newsletter'. In these newsletters, we will remind you of any events we are having and any other important notices.

At the end of every half term, each year group produces a 'Celebration of Learning Newsletter'. In these newsletters, we share our learning for the half term.

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