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Physical Education Overview               

Physical Education Mission Statement at Ley Top Primary School

At Ley Top Primary School, we believe that the learning of Physical Education creates environments that develop physical, mental and social skills through experiential learning. We look to offer a wide variety of activities that are inclusive and engaging for all students whilst meeting the National Curriculum expectations. This promotes a sense of drive towards progression and personal improvement for each individual. Children are expected to participate in every lesson and persevere through challenging situations. Your child will develop a range of skills and knowledge of many different activities such as; gymnastics, dance, athletics, and many others.

In year 4, we also ensure our children regularly take part in swimming sessions where they travel to St Bede's School in Heaton to have a weekly 40 minute swimming lesson. Children receive the highest standard of swimming lessons, who are taught by highly experienced qualified swimming teachers. The teach lessons from both poolside and in the water.

Promoting a love of learning through physical education, we also provide fantastic opportunities for children to participate in after school clubs such as Dodgeball, Curling and Tag Rugby. We are also part of ‘Your School Games’ which enables us to regularly participate in competitions.

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