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History Overview


History's mission statement at Ley Top Primary School

At Ley Top Primary School we want all of our pupils to have an understanding of the past through learning about human achievements and experiences. We also want our children to understand how history shapes the future too.  

Our History's aims;

Our history curriculum aims to inspire our pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past. We aim to help pupils understand the process of change, the diversity of societies as well as their own identity and the challenges of their time.

Quality of Education in History at Ley Top Primary School


Our history curriculum will equip the children to ask perceptive questions, think critically and develop perspective and judgement. We will examine the children's own personal history, and develop their sense of chronology throughout the study of topics through Key Stages 1 and 2. We aim to give our children a history curriculum which enables them to become confident, creative and independent learners. We seek to broaden children's real-life experiences both inside and outside of school through educational visits, visitors, experimentation, exploration and discovery. We believe that within history lessons, our children acquire a range of knowledge and skills, which they can then apply to other subjects and in a variety of situations.


In Key Stage 1, children will develop an awareness of the past. They will learn about significant individuals who have contributed to the world. Children will also learn about significant historical events within the local area. In Key Stage 1, we will be looking back at changes within living memory such as how shops and homes have changed, as well as events beyond living memory such as the Great Fire of London. The children’s learning is placed within a chronological format.

In Key Stage 2, children will continue to appreciate history in a chronological context. They will work on securing an understanding of British, local and world history. In Lower Key Stage 2, children will be looking at Anglo Saxons and Vikings, whilst Upper Key Stage 2 will be focusing on areas such as prehistoric Britain and Ancient Greece amongst other things. Children will look at connections and patterns over time and develop a good use of historical terms. There will also be a big focus on different sources and how our knowledge of the past is shaped from them.


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History Overview

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