Ley Top

Learning Together Produces Success

Literacy Overview                                   

Mission statement

At Ley Top Primary we are committed to providing children with a rich diet of literature from the moment they join Ley Top Primary School. We are determined to provide all children with the key skills that they need to learn to read and write. We provide children with opportunities to apply both their reading and writing skills across the curriculum. We are passionate about increasing our children’s life chances.


  • To create a positive learning environment where children’s reading and writing skills are developed to their full potential.
  • To ensure that all children have a secure phonic knowledge that they can use and apply to improve their reading and their writing skills.
  • To encourage a love and respect of books and literature.


Quality of Education at Ley Top

 To enable children to develop their reading and writing skills to their full potential we have redesigned our curriculum and children from Year One to Year Four are now taught separate reading lessons every day. In these lessons children are taught specific national curriculum reading and writing skills. Children in Years Five and Six are taught literacy lessons where they are taught national curriculum reading and writing skills. Our lessons are differentiated to meet the needs of all our children. Teachers select a wide range of rich texts to use in our reading and writing lessons. These texts provide the children with opportunities to widen their vocabulary and develop their love of reading. Teachers effectively use a range of ICT resources to make the curriculum accessible for all.