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welcome to nursery


Welcome to our Nursery page.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our Ley Top Primary school family and thank you for the support and commitment you’ve given to us so far.

At Ley Top we strive to keep your children safe and happy in their learning environment. We want your children to grow and develop into confident, resilient and independent young learners. We aim to provide a wide range of learning experiences where children can be engaged, enthusiastic and curious about their environment. We strongly believe that all young children learn through play; therefore, we will encourage and inspire their learning through rich play experiences both indoors and outdoors. Our goal is embed a love for learning with our pupils which will develop them into life-long learners.

We recognise the importance of parents, children and teacher relationships and we value your contributions and we would like to fully involve you in the life of our school. We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you

The Nursery Team

Miss Wild, Miss Begum, Miss Brearley.


Nursery Handbook


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Medium Term Plan Overview



spring 2 mtp overview nursery 2024.pdf