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welcome to nursery

Welcome to our Nursery page.

We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our Ley Top Primary school family and thank you for the support and commitment you’ve given to us so far.

At Ley Top we strive to keep your children safe and happy in their learning environment. We want your children to grow and develop into confident, resilient and independent young learners. We strongly believe that young children learn through play; therefore, we will encourage and inspire their learning through rich play experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Thank you

Miss Snee

 Our Nursery Video

Our Nursery Team has recorded a transition video for our new starters. Please follow the link to watch below;



Medium Term Plan

View document 2020-21/nursery/presentation3.pdf


At Ley Top Primary School we produce 2 different Newsletters.

At the start of every half term, each year group produces a 'Reminders Newsletter'. In these newsletters, we inform you what we'll be learning in the half term and also remind you of any events we are having.

At the end of every half term, each year group produces a 'Celebration of Learning Newsletter'. In these newsletters, we share our learning for the half term.

Reminders Newsletters:

View document 2020-21/nursery/autumn_2_nursery_reminders.pdf

Celebration of Learning Newsletters:

Autumn 1 Newsletter