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design technology Overview

Art and Design Mission Statement at Ley Top Primary School

At Ley Top, we plan and deliver design and technology lessons that encourage critical thinking and problem solving.  Our pupils base their innovative ideas on research they have carried out both independently and in groups.  They take responsibility for their own designs and give careful thought to areas such as measurement and cost.  From idea to prototype, through modification to the finished product, our pupils develop, test and evaluate new ideas, whether it be electrical or mechanical, food-technology focused or computer-aided.  At Ley Top we provide practical opportunities for pupils to investigate systems and deepen their understanding of design and technological change throughout history. 

Art and Design's Aims at Ley Top Primary School

 To challenge pupils to use their own imagination.

To encourage pupils to develop resilience and critical thinking to solve problems.

To help pupils build repertoire of skills to design products for a wide range of users.

To ensure pupils know where food comes from, how products are reared and processed, and the principles of a healthy diet.

To educate pupils how design individuals have changed the world of technology throughout history.

 Quality of Education at Ley Top Primary School

Our knowledgeable staff apply a range of teaching techniques to ensure that lessons cater for the needs of the pupils and are kept varied and challenging.

Design Technology is linked with other areas of the curriculum to enrich pupils’ learning.

Staff attend regular training to ensure they are up to date with any developments in the subject area.  Staff are familiar with the progression skills document to ensure a broad and progressive coverage of skills and materials.


Design Technology Overview

curriculum 22 design and technology overview.pdf