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COVID-19 Year 6

Year Six children have been invited to return to school from Monday 8th June. Initially, children were invited to attend for two days so that we could ensure social distancing. However, because there are only a small number of families who are intending to return, we are delighted to be able to have Year Six children in for four days each week (Monday to Thursday). 
Here's a quick reminder of the information you were given: Children in Mrs Firth's and Mrs Studzinski's classes will arrive between 8:45am and 9:00amand leave at 2:45pm.
Children in Mr Fyffe's and Miss Greenwood's classes will arrive between 9:00 and 9:15am and will leave at 3:00pm
Children MUST wear freshly laundered clothes everyday - not necessarily school uniform. 
Lunches will be provided by  school.
We expect that families will continue to practice social distancing in order to protect both children and adults in school. 

Here's a quick reminder of the information you were given: 
Please contact the office if you have any further questions. 
We look forward to seeing you all soon.
Many thanks
Mrs Firth