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Become a Governor

Becoming a Governor is a highly rewarding opportunity that allows individuals to actively contribute to the improvement and development of their local community's education system. As part of the Local Governing Body, one becomes an integral part of a team dedicated to ensuring the best possible education and outcomes for students.


While prior knowledge of the education system is not essential, a passion for education and the commitment to work collaboratively as a team are vital attributes for a Governor. Training will be provided to enhance one's understanding of the role and responsibilities involved. The Local Governing Body holds regular meetings and challenge days, providing ample opportunity to engage in strategic discussions and contribute to decision-making processes.


Governors play a crucial role in holding senior leaders accountable for the school's performance. This involves reviewing and appraising the school's self-evaluation, asking challenging questions, and ensuring the implementation of school-specific policies and procedures. Additionally, Governors act as a link to specific areas, such as Health and Safety, facilitating relevant enquiries and reporting on progress.


It is important to note that Governors do not engage in tasks such as policy writing, auditing, or fundraising. Their role lies primarily in providing oversight and support rather than direct involvement with students or daily classroom observations. By listening to and reporting to stakeholders, Governors help foster a strong sense of community and ensure effective communication between the school and its wider network.


Becoming a Governor not only allows individuals to develop their skills and experiences but also provides an opportunity to give back to the community and support the aspirations of young people. If you are interested in learning more about our school and the role of a Governor, please contact our Governance Professional at admin@leytop.bradford.sch.uk for an informal conversation.